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Carrington-Smythe III
Sometimes wishing of a foolish man

Sometimes I wish I didn't know, the things that I do now.
Sometimes I wish and hope and pray, to turn back time somehow.

Sometimes I wish for simple things, like a hand to hold or a smile.
Sometimes I wish for other things, like the world to stop for a while.

Sometimes I wish for dreams to come, to bask in your embrace.
Sometimes I wish to open my eyes and see your smiling face.

Sometimes I wish for a maid to clean, for a chef to cook my food.
Sometimes I wish my favourite shows would somehow be renewed.

Sometimes I wish I had a life besides the one I know.
Sometimes I wish I had the guts to smile and say hello.

Sometimes I wish I was no more; to leave this mortal plane.
Sometimes I wish I wished a wish a little less insane.

If wishes were kisses... I'd be happy

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Mood: contemplative contemplative
Music: Everything to me - Jessie Farrell

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This one is written from a different perspective. Not sure I've tried first person before and would appreciate any feedback.

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Phew so, um, is it obvious I'm really not getting any right now?
To my fellow perv yellowsmurf6 

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Not sure where this came from but I certainly make no apologies...
Thanks as always to yellowsmurf6 for being fabulous and keeping me amused with the pervtastic conversation this afternoon *squish*

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Mood: horny horny

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Check list:

Cold I can't shift?          Check
Dodgy knee?                Check
Sore thighs?                  Check
Bad arm?                      Check
Pain in stomach area?  Check

Woo Hoo, seems going to the gym is actually doing some... thing...

Mood: sad down

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Mixxy's gym log, Earthdate 20012012.2

Busy in the gym today so I did 20mins on the crosstrainer at level 4. I feel like a serious weiner compared to everyone else on there but never mind eh?

Arm is still hurting. Even holding my leg to stretch out my thigh was hurting :( Really weird and I don't like it. Sometimes I think I'm hurting more now I'm exercising *sighs*

Hopefully I'll manage to go again this week but we'll see.


Mood: depressed down

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MIxxy's gym log, Earthdate 24022012.5

Just a short session today to make the total 3 times this week *grins*

X-trainer - 15mins, level 3, speed 7-9. Was worried this was gonna hurt but my knee seems to be on the mend *fingers crossed* Sweating like a sweaty thing today, wondering if they've turned the heat on instead of the air con...

Just a couple of reps of crunches before doing 10mins of stretching. Didn't realise how tight my muscles had become.



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Mixxy's gym log, Earthdate 21022012.2

Had good intentions but alas *sigh*

X-trainer: 10mins, level 3, speed 9-10

Rower: 1500m, my arse was really hurting so 1500 was as good as I could manage. Feeling like a right weed :(

Floor work: 10 press ups, 10 dips, 15 crunches x2. Appear to have hurt my left arm (tricep?) so couldn't do my favourite bit of the whole gym experience *pouts* Sucks!!

X-trainer: 10mins, level1, speed - slower than before as my knee was starting to feel weird.

Cruddy session

Mood: tired shattered

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Mixxy's gym log, Earthdate 20022012.1

My legs are so close to giving out on me *groans* 15 mins X-trainer, level 3 speed 10. Ouch!

3 reps, 15 sit ups, 15 pelvic tilt and 30s plank. Plank hurt today, my stomach and lower back. Guess this means I'm doing it right?!

Finished with another 15mins on the X-trainer. Seriously sweaty by the time I'd finished *pulls a face*

Soooooo tired!!

*weary salute*


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Mixxy's gym log, Earthdate 17022012.5

Just a short session today. 15mins X-trainer level 2 as my thighs are feeling the strain a little now...

Floor work - 3 reps, 15 Sit ups; 15 Pelvic Tilt; 30s Plank.

Ended with a couple of pull ups and then trying out various equipment as the gym was totally empty *grins*

Wondering now just how much I'm going to seize up over the weekend :-s

Until next week...


Mood: tired tired

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